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Bridging the Church Technology Gap: Helping Churches Connect in a Technology Driven Community

Here at Aperture Interactive, we are a group of certificate holding engineers and introverted nerds. We thought about using our skills to stand in front of crowds of people for ministry, but after creating and analyzing a flow chart of possible outcomes, we figured the best use of our talents would be doing neat things with technology to help those that will get up and speak.

Just as a body has many parts, we use our talents so Church leaders can use theirs to make a larger impact in the community. We work with churches of thousands and churches of less than a hundred to meet their technology needs.

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Core Products


Our goal is to bring beautiful AppleTV and Roku apps to your Church and have them fit in seamlessly with your current media portfolio.

With The Church TV App we understand that the last thing a church needs is one more thing to update, so our team has worked to build TV apps that are customizable to your Church and will integrate already posted videos in your Vimeo channels and Live Streaming accounts. Taking the media you already post, The Church TV App will build your AppleTV and Roku apps into a video on demand and continually playing TV Channel for your Church.

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